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Canva Templates

No more scrolling through thousands of complicated templates on Canva. Shop our collection of simple, yet impactful business templates designed to give your business a modern, professional look.

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Branding Guide Template


Finally, create a brand that flows better and begin developing a memorable business that not only looks professional but effectively stands out in the crowd.

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Planners and Guides

A brand is more than just a logo and color palette, it is the strategy and messaging behind the designs that help enhance the experience someone has with your business. Our planners and guides were designed to help,

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Ultimate Business Planner Pack


Lay the groundwork for a successful branded business built to succeed. Use this collection of planners to create a business based on strategy and thoughtful planning.

Finally, Come up with a clear strategy for the trajectory of your business

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Shop our high-end website templates that will wow your potential customers and give you the tools to book more clients.

Website templates


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Ready to launch your website in a week? This easy-to-edit website template was designed to provide you with a beautiful digital home to call your own. Easily add your content and images and click publish.


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The Sonrisa shop is dedicated to creating beautiful designs and effective tools for building a successful brand true to you.

Plan Behind Your Brand

Download our free guide to help you come up with a clear plan of action for your brand vision, voice, value, and visuals. Establish how to communicate and attract your dream clients.


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